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Jewellery Remodelling

Do you have jewellery you rarely wear? Allow us to re-design it for you, use the raw materials to create the piece of your dreams. Book a consultation now.

The prices for jewellery remodelling vary significantly depending on the complexity of work undertaken, goldsmiths, diamond setters and designers' time required to do the work, and the cost of materials involved. To have a ring remodelled you should expect to pay in the region of £600 for 18ct gold, and £800 for platinum.

Remodelling your old jewellery

Whether you use the centre stone and remake the ring, or melt down your scrap gold to make a wedding band, our specialists are on-hand to advise and guide you through the process.

Our skilled in-house master goldsmith Scott will advise you on how to get exactly the piece that you want, and how to keep the costs down if that is a priority. Bespoke design and remodelling service can come at a cost but instead of having jewellery that is never worn, you will have something that is truly original and unique and worth as much, if not more than the original item(s).

Whether your jewellery is inherited or out of style, hasn’t been worn for a while, or you would simply like to modernise its appearance, jewellery remodelling can help you turn the old jewellery collecting dust in your jewellery box into something that is wearable and matches your style, and that you can take pleasure out of wearing every day, whilst still retaining the enormous sentimental value that old jewellery often has.

Call us now or book an appointment to discuss how we can best remodel jewellery for you.



A collection of 18ct white and rose gold jewellery was brought to us by a customer who asked us to create them a unique eternity ring.


Having melted the gold and reformed it into a white and rose gold crossover eternity ring, we supplied and added round brilliant cut diamonds which were then pavé set into the band.

ring made from customers scrap.jpg

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