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Meet the team

At Daniel Christopher we pride ourselves on educating our customers through what can be a daunting and occasionally overwhelming process. All our staff are experts in their fields and highly experienced in the jewellery trade. Meet our key team members below and find out about who will be helping you to create your dream piece of jewellery.


Founder and Jeweller

Dan, following his father's footsteps in the jewellery industry, initially studied Gemmology at the Gemological Institute of America, achieving a distinction, prior to returning to London and working for a series of diamond merchants and jewellers.

He travelled the world assessing diamonds at the worlds most prestigious auction houses and following being rewarded with a Directorship at the UK's then largest online jewellery retailer, founded Daniel Christopher Jewellery.

Having seen the change in the industry over the preceding decade and a gradual move towards cheap but mass produced, imported jewellery; he decided to pursue his dream of creating high quality, individually made bespoke jewellery and proceeded in creating a team with the expertise and shared passion to do so.

Daniel Christopher has continued to build a reputation for producing jewellery of the highest standard coupled with unrivalled customer service and satisfaction



Director and Diamond Cutter 

Having started out in the diamond industry as an apprentice diamond cutter with Star Diamonds in the 1960's, Chris quickly realised he had a gift for polishing diamonds and went on to start his own company trading and polishing diamonds across the world.

In the 1970's he was head-hunted by The Diamond Trading Company (now DeBeers) to help program and instigate the then groundbreaking diamond cutting machine prototypes, which are still in use today, although in a more advanced state.

He has assessed and polished some of he world's most prestigious diamonds and has often been called upon for his expertise by many diamantaires seeking advice on the best way to cut a diamond. 

At the start of the dot com boom Chris was a co-founder of the UK's first online diamond retailer and went on to run it for a decade prior to joining Daniel at the fledgling Daniel Christopher Jewellery. 

Chris is our go to man on anything diamond! 



While growing up in South Africa Scott completed a 3 year practical jewellery design and manufacture diploma and then apprenticeship in Durban prior to moving to the UK.

Having moved to London Scott worked at Crazy Pigs Designs in Covent Garden for 8 years making jewellery for A List clients and rock bands such as ZZ top, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Arctic Monkeys and Velvet Revolver; and then moved to become production manager for Stephen Einhorn Jewellery. 

Scott has personally created numerous items of jewellery for companies such as Nike, EA Sports and desperados beer; as well as received numerous commissions for movies such as the Harry Potter series, Snow White and the Huntsman, plus Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd and Dark shadows.  

When it comes to questions on anything jewellery if Scott doesn't know it, nobody will!



Design Consultant

Jessica has grown up in the diamond world since the age of 5, after her parents set up a business working with diamond merchants between London and Antwerp; and her sister is also a well regarded jewellery designer.

Jess' early career was in acting but wanting a taste of normality once more decided to follow her roots back into the diamond jewellery industry. Starting at an Antique jewellery shop in Bond Street, after just a year she received a call from Daniel asking her to come and work for Daniel Christopher. Jess and Daniel's families have known and worked with each other in the diamond industry for over twenty years meaning a seamless transition to her new role. 

As would be expected Jess' knowledge of jewellery and diamonds is second to none and she has helped thousands of couples to design and create their dream piece of jewellery.

Jess is dedicated, fun, social and always the first to suggest a new restaurant or bar to frequent!

We thoroughly believe in a personal approach to selecting or designing your dream piece of jewellery and our team has been tailored to achieve this.