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Bespoke Rings

All our engagement rings are custom made in-house in our Greville Street jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden.

How to choose an engagement ring

To create your perfect ring, simply choose one of the ring designs from our Engagement Rings collection below, and use our On-Line Diamond Picker to select your perfect diamond.

If you would like our help choosing a diamond, our in-house diamond specialists are here to match you with a diamond that perfectly fits your specifications and budget. Just give us a call on 0207 242 5775 and we will talk you through the process.

If you cannot find a ring design that you like, we offer a Fully Bespoke Design Service to help you get the exact ring that you want. Our in-house designers and goldsmiths will guide you through the design process whether through a classical manufacture method or state of the art CAD design service with the option to print wax or resin models prior to manufacture. Just send us a photograph of the piece you are looking to commission, and book a consultation to get a quotation.

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Choose one of our designs

Choose an engagement ring design from our collection..

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Commission your own design

Allow us to create your perfect fully bespoke engagement ring...