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2022 Destination Wedding Index

Saying “I do” is an unforgettable moment - the joy you felt when you saw your partner down on one knee, engagement ring in hand, but what could make your big day even more special is a destination wedding. A wedding abroad gives you the opportunity to experience beautiful locations, fantastic weather, and vibrant cultures and create memories you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

But with so many to choose from, which can be crowned the top wedding location? We've compiled a list and compared them on factors such as the weather, the price of luxury hotels, and LGBTQ+ friendliness to find out.

Picture 1

The top wedding destinations around the world

     1. Mexico City - Wedding destination index score: 7.3/10

Taking the top spot as the best place for a destination wedding is the Mexican capital. With the cheapest average price for a 5-star hotel stay, Mexico city is the most budget-friendly destination for couples and has a wide range of 5-star hotels to choose from too. 

     2. Cape Town - Wedding destination index score: 7.2/10

This seaside city on the shore of Table Bay ranks second thanks to its warm and sunny climate, making it perfect if you’re choosing to tie the knot outdoors. With same-sex marriage legal since 2006, Cape Town is considered the most LGBTQ+ friendly city in Africa and in our destination wedding index.  

     3. Cancun - Wedding destination  index score: 7.1/10

The second Mexican city in our index, Cancun, takes third place. This city in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean is well known for its year-round warm temperatures, making it ideal for destination weddings in any season. Thanks to its sunshine, heat and popularity as a beach wedding destination, Cancun is also one of the most-searched-for locations in our index. 

Picture 2

The top wedding destinations for...The average cost of a 5-star hotel

     1. Mexico City - £86 per night

Mexico City is the most affordable destination, this city with its vibrant culture, and friendly atmosphere offers a night in the lap of luxury for only £86, nearly seven times less expensive than the highest average hotel price on our list. This makes it the perfect destination for more couples who still want to splash out for their big day, but with a small budget.

     2. Johannesburg - £131 per night

This city in South Africa can boast an average 5-star hotel price of £131 per night, taking Johannesburg to second place. Boutique hotels in Johannesburg are often steeped in the city’s rich history, with many historic buildings converted into luxurious hotels which offer couples unique experiences during their romantic stay. 

     3. Buenos Aires - ​​£140 per night

In third, a night of luxury in Buenos Aires will set couples back ​​£140. The multicultural Argentinian capital is famous for its blend of French, Italian and Spanish influences which are reflected in the architecture and interior decor of its luxury hotels. This lends the hotels an air of romance and makes them perfect for spending a romantic evening after your big day.

Picture 3

The top wedding destinations for...The number of 5-star hotels 

     1. London - 221 hotels

London has the highest number of 5-star hotels in our index, with 221, over 120 more than second place. The capital is home to world-famous hotels such as The Strand and The Savoy, renowned for the luxuries they provide to their guests.

     2. Paris - 144 hotels 

In second place is the City of Love, with 144 5-star hotels for couples to choose from. Each of these Parisian hotels offers services far beyond a place to rest your head. From rooftop pools overlooking the Parisian skyline to Michelin-starred restaurants, there are plenty of opportunities to treat yourself when relaxing after tying the knot.

     3. Cape Town - 82 hotels

Taking third is Cape Town, the city has a total of 82 5-star hotels, each of which has its own unique charm to entice couples to relax after their big day. From views of Table mountain to award-winning spas and top-notch restaurants, luxury hotels in Cape Town offer something for every couple. 

Picture 4

The top wedding destinations for...The most desired wedding destinations

     1. Las Vegas - 159,300 searches in 2021

It’s no surprise Las Vegas tops our list as the most desired location, with weddings being such a big part of the culture in this sun-drenched American city. Taking the top spot by more than 100,000 searches in 2021, Vegas has truly earned the name the wedding capital of the world.

     2. Paris - 42,400 searches in 2021

Next up the french capital nicknamed the city of love takes second place in our index. It’s little wonder Paris is one of the most desired locations, with its reputation as the world’s most romantic city it had a total of 42,400 searches in 2021.  

     3. New York  - 34,500 searches in 2021

The city that never sleeps is filled with historical buildings and picturesque locations providing the perfect backdrop for getting hitched, as well as a myriad of wedding venues and restaurants to make your big day suit your tastes. With 34,500 searches in 2021, New York takes third place as the most searched wedding destination in 2021.

Picture 5

The top wedding destinations for...The sunniest wedding destinations

     1. Cancun - Average temperature - 26.1ºC

The Mexican city tops our list for the warmest wedding location, lying on the Caribbean coast, this world-famous beach destination has an average annual temperature of 26.1 ºC. Making it the perfect location for a beach wedding.

     2. Playa Del Carmen - Average temperature - 25.9ºC

The second hottest destination on our list is also in Mexico, the resort town of Playa Del Carmen lies South of Cancun on the Yucatán Peninsula. With an average annual temperature of 25.9ºC, Playa Del Carmen is the ideal location if you're planning on tying the knot in the sunshine.

     3. Miami - Average temperature - 24.6ºC

Taking third place with an annual average temperature of 24.6ºC, Miami is a haven for destination weddings. With year-round sunshine, many couples choose to get married in Miami in the winter months.

Picture 6

The top wedding destinations for...The most LGBTQ+ friendly wedding destinations

     1. Amsterdam - Number of years same-sex marriage has been legal - 21

The first destination to legalise gay marriage in our index, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for LGBTQ+ couples to get hitched. Same-sex marriage has been legal in The Netherlands for 21 years and the gay scene in Amsterdam is one of the largest in Europe too, meaning LGBTQ+ couples tying the knot will receive a warm welcome.

     2. Brussels - Number of years same-sex marriage has been legal - 19

Taking second place is the Belgian capital Brussels, with same-sex marriage being legal since 2003, the second country globally to do so. LGBTQ+ couples will be greeted with open arms in Brussels, as it ranks second in LGBT rights protection in Europe.

     3. Palma de Mallorca - Number of years same-sex marriage has been legal - 17

In third is Palma de Mallorca, the Spanish resort city nestled in the Western Mediterranean famed for its warm weather and local hospitality. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Palma de Mallorca since 2005, and Spain is considered one of the most culturally liberal countries in the world.

Picture 7

The top wedding destinations in the UK

     1. Bristol - Wedding destination index score:8.1

Taking the top spot as the best place for a destination wedding in the UK is the lively South Western city of Bristol. The city has one of the cheapest average prices for 5-star hotels in our destination wedding index at just under £90 a night making it the perfect place to relax after the big day, and ranks highly in Google searches, making it one of the most sought after wedding destinations.

     2. Plymouth - Wedding destination index score: 7.4

In second is the quiet coastal city of Plymouth, the city ranks highly across the board,

placing in the top 10 for average temperature, the warm weather and coastal location make it an ideal place to tie the knot. The city also ranks highly for the number of 5-star hotels, leaving couples planning their nuptials spoilt for choice. 

     3. London - Wedding destination index score: 7.3

The UK capital takes third place, its reputation as the cultural hub of the UK making it a highly sought-after wedding destination, as it takes the top spot for google searches. London’s reputation as the playground of the rich and famous also means it's no surprise it has the highest number of 5-star hotels on our list.

Picture 8

The top wedding destinations for...The average cost of a 5-star hotel

     1. Sunderland - £35 per night

Coming first in our UK wedding destination index this city on the North East coast of England boasts a luxurious stay for an average price of £35 per night. This makes it a perfect UK location to rest and relax after tying the knot.

     2. Wolverhampton - £101 per night

It’s not hard to find the highest quality comfort and convenience and the perfect place for you and your guests to lay your heads after the big day has finished for a very affordable price in Wolverhampton. This vibrant multicultural city offers guests a night of luxury for an average of  £101 per night.

     3. Leicester - £108 per night

In third, Leicester offers a 5-star experience for a very affordable average of £50 per night. The Midlands city is an attractive offer for those wishing to escape the stresses of the big day and to enjoy their first night as a married couple in the lap of luxury.

Picture 9

The top wedding destinations for...The number of 5-star hotels

     1. London - 325 hotels

It’s no surprise the UK’s biggest city has the most 5 star hotels in our index. The beating heart of culture in the UK attracts couples from all over the world as a wedding destination thanks both to its romantic old-world charm and as a cosmopolitan metropolis on the cutting-edge of culture.

     2. Edinburgh - 47 hotels

The Scottish capital takes second place for the number of 5-star hotels. The city has a long list of sumptuous hotels perfect for hosting the celebrations of the big day or simply relaxing after it. They range from landmarks such as The Balmoral to the more modern Market Street hotel.

     3. York - 31 hotels

Taking third place in our index is the Northeastern city of York with 31 5-star hotels. Famed for its gothic architecture, York offers luxury to suit every taste, from country house hotels nestled in lush green scenery to more modern accommodation in the heart of the city.

Picture 10

The top wedding destinations for...The sunniest UK wedding destinations

     1. Chichester - Average temperature: 11.4ºC

This cathedral city in West Sussex, on the south coast, takes the top spot for highest average annual temperature, at 11.4ºC. This makes it an attractive proposition for couples looking for an outdoor wedding without the expense of a trip abroad.

     2. Southend on Sea - Average temperature: 11.2ºC

Next up is the resort town of Southend on Sea, lying on the Essex coast at the mouth of the River Thames. With an average annual temperature of 11.2ºC, this wedding destination takes second place. 

     3. Southampton - Average temperature: 11.1ºC

In third is Chichester’s neighbour Southampton. Also on the South coast, the city has an average temperature of 11.1ºC, only marginally cooler than Southend. July and August are the best months for weather in Southampton, with only 6 rainy days in each month.

Picture 11

The top wedding destinations for...The most desired UK wedding destinations

     1. London - 9,180 searches in 2021

London takes the top spot as the most desired place to tie the knot, with a total of 9,180 searches in 2021. The UK capital is the most desired thanks to the sheer number of wedding venues, hotels and restaurants providing a dizzying amount of choices for couples to plan their perfect wedding. 

     2. Edinburgh - 4,330 searches in 2021

The Scottish capital comes in second place, with 4,330 searches in 2021. Edinburgh ranks highly as a desired wedding destination as it is full of green spaces, beautiful architecture, history and charm, enticing couples as a wedding destination.

     3. Glasgow

3,960 searches in 2021

Scotland’s largest city takes third as a desired wedding destination, couples are attracted to this destination thanks to its vibrant culture as well as the fantastic travel connections, making it easy for guests to attend the big day from all over the country. The city featured in 3,960 searches in 2021.

Picture 12


Beginning with a list of the most travelled to destinations in 2021, and a list of UK cities we compared them against six factors. Each wedding destination was given a normalised score out of ten for each factor, before taking an average across all the factors to reach our final score out of ten. Average cost of a 5-star hotel - the average cost of a one night stay in a 5-star hotel according to Number of 5-star hotels - the total number of 5-star hotels in each destination according to The most desired wedding destination - the total number of google searches for [destination] wedding in 2021, recording the total global searches for destinations around the world and the total UK searches for the UK section, taken from Google Ads. Average temperature - the average annual temperature in each destination according to climate Number of years same-sex marriage has been legal - The number of years since same-sex marriage was legalised in each country, taking the year of legalisation from wikipedia.