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Hot Jewellery Trends '22

Sophie Mishiku Head of Sales and Design at Daniel Christopher, forecasts the upcoming jewellery trends for Spring/Summer 2022. Colourful, stackable and ethical are just a few to watch out for... we can't wait!

Bouncing back with colour!

It hasn’t been the easiest couple of years, and so we find ourselves leaning towards brighter and more colourful, fun pieces! A reflection of the hope that this Spring/Summer holds, and an opportunity to celebrate better times ahead. This includes engagement ring styles, with many opting for coloured diamonds!



Layering and stacking

Not a new trend, but an increasingly enjoyed one! Necklaces, rings, bracelets, the more the merrier! Mix stones and styles to create an eclectic and full look. You can play with highs and lows in this jewellery trend, juxtaposing your diamonds with more playful pieces.



Sentimental talismans/ good luck charms/ personalised pieces

Our most favoured pieces of jewellery tend to be those that hold memories. Gifts from loved ones, a piece to celebrate with or something that reminds you of a particular moment in time. From good luck charms to an heirloom that’s been locked away for too long, many of us are reaching for our most sacred pieces to represent our personalities and inspire the feeling of strength and peace. This gives us the chance to create new heirlooms too, with pieces we are recognised with. Engravings and personalisations are great for this!



Ethical / Fairtrade diamonds

Increasingly consumers want more reassurance of the ethical side of their jewellery, and so it is ultra-important to know that your diamonds, whether mined or lab grown, are ethically sourced or made. For mined diamonds, make sure the diamonds are traded under the Kimberley Process as a minimum. With lab growns you already have added environmental benefits (see our lab grown page), but you can also check that they were produced using renewable energy. Labs are increasingly being used in engagement rings.



Pinky rings

Hot on the radar of many over the last years, if you don’t have a pinky ring in your collection, your set is incomplete! Whether you go for a plain band, engraved signet or a larger-than-life jewel encrusted animal, they can be worn whenever with whatever. This piece allows you to really express your personality, and even identity.



Russian wedding bands (& mixing metals!)

Combining the layered look with sentimental attachment, Russian wedding bands are seeing a new wave of popularity. Worn on any finger, nothing quite beats the robust and lustrous look of these rings. You can choose to have a tricolour version which is not only right on trend but will match any other jewellery you have! Or stick with all the bands being the same uniform, favoured coloured.

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